Each year of the project, a new website is launched to showcase previously unseen images and footage from the BBC oral history archives. The showcase features items around a particular theme, usually relating to an anniversary. By the completion of the project, these websites will showcase 100 voices from the BBC archives.

As well as viewing clips and interviews, you can download and keep selected transcripts of interviews recorded with BBC pioneers and kept in the Corporation’s oral history archive. You can also download important and previously unavailable documents from the BBC’s Written Archive Centre, which help reveal the inside story of the BBC.

The websites offer an opportunity for members of the public to share their memories of the events, which will be included in the final public archive.

2018: 100 Voices that Made the BBC: People, Nation, Empire

Caribbean Voices Pauline Henriques and Samuel Selvon Carib Vcs in 1952 v2Caribbean Voices Pauline Henriques and Samuel Selvon Caribbean Voices in 1952.                               Photo Credit: ©BBC

People, Nation, Empire was published to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush and the King’s formal renunciation of the title of Emperor of India, it explores how the BBC has tried to re-imagine itself in the multicultural and postimperial age – how it’s grappled over the years with the wider issue of who exactly gets to speak on air and who exactly gets to appear on screen.

Subjects covered include: the history of programmes addressing race and immigration, pioneering access television in the 1970s, broadcasting’s role in fostering Caribbean literature, the BBC in India, the World Service as a cultural melting-pot, portrayals of ‘the North’, religious broadcasting in a multi-faith world, and the history of programming about LGBTQ+ issues.

2017: Radio Reinvented

today programme 1986 tv000130317

On 30 September 1967, as the Summer of Love reached its climax, the old Home Service, Light Programme and Third Programme were put to rest—and dear old Auntie nervously embraced pop. At exactly 7am on that Saturday morning, Tony Blackburn took to the air, welcomed everyone to ‘the exciting new sound of Radio 1’, and played his very first record, Flowers in the Rain. The BBC would never be the same again.

This edition explores those exciting moments, with and includes clips from new interviews with Johnny Beerling and Tony Blackburn.

2016: The Birth of TV

JAS AND LIZ APRIL 1936 hi000665027

Image: Jasmine Bligh and Elizabeth Cowel © BBC

Prior to the start of the Project, the 100 Voices website focused on the birth of TV, showing a range of clips and photos from the BBC archive, documenting the history of TV in the UK. The pages explore the history of TV, from the sets and equipment used to the personalities and programmes in the early days of television.

Other topics  covered include the 1948 London Olympics; Elections, Sets & signals, and two Coronations and Alexandra Palace. If you remember those early broadcasts, you’re invited to share your memories.

2015: Elections

SZD gen election 2010 dimbleby on set v2David Dimbleby – General Election 2010 © BBC

This edition of 100 voices focussed on  BBC coverage of 70 years of elections. With selected clips and images from the BBC archive, the site explores the development of Election broadcasting, highlighting the role of pioneers like Grace Wyndham Goldie in ‘inventing’ election broadcasting, marking a shift from the population hearing election results on the radio. Observations from the general public give insight into the changes and their impact on the population.

The site looks at the development of the political interview and interview styles, and the styles employed by various personalities, while other topics cover  Party Political Broadcasts, Broadcasting Parliament; and Behind the scenes at the BBC.