The Digital User Group meets twice a year, and provides advice on technology, and offers specialist technological advice to support the project.

The Group is asked to pay particular attention to the project’s aim of designing and building Linked Open Data platforms and multi-media sites, the metadata and tagging of archival material, the processing and overall management of big data-sets and digital assets, and opportunities for data-manipulation.

The Digital User Group (DUG) Consists of

  • Prof Tim Hitchcock (chair), (University of Sussex)
  • Prof David Hendy Hendy, (University of Sussex)
  • Dr Alban Webb, (University of Sussex)
  • Adam Harwood (University of Sussex),
  • Bill Thompson (BBC)
  • Eirini Goudarouli (National Archives)
  • George Wright (BBC)
  • John Stack (NSMM)
  • Mahendra Mahey (British Library),
  • Mike Dick (BEHP
  • Peter Collier (University of Sussex)
  • Sharon Webb (University of Sussex),