Image credit: David Hendy speaks with Mike Phillips © Connected Histories of the BBC

A vital part of the project is to gather memories from the public – of watching TV and listening to the radio while growing up, through a series of public events.

We want these memories –- to become just as much a part of the story of the BBC as the more official accounts in the BBC’s existing Oral History Collection. We want to make these memories accessible online – for example, on BBC websites, as a resource for current academics, and in ‘digital catalogues’ that will can be searched by future researchers – indeed to anyone, anywhere who is interested in writing about, or simply knowing more about, the BBC.

We believe that the public has something important to contribute to our study: we want to know about the role the BBC has played in the lives of individuals. This is why the events involved inviting people to fill-in a questionnaire, and conducting  brief camera interviews . We then hope to make these accounts freely available online in a range of BBC, academic and public platforms, so that it can be viewed in the future by a range of academic and public users, and quoted in articles and books about BBC history.

Public Events:

2017 – National Science Museum (Bradford)

2018 – British Library

2019: The Keep (Brighton)

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