Connected Histories of the BBC

Oral history is a method of conducting historical research through interviews. These collections draw from different archives a new and revealing story of the BBC.


BBC - Oral History Collection

'The people who know the story of the BBC' - Frank Gillard, 1972

interviews covering the first 80 years of the history of the BBC.


BBC - A History of North Regional Broadcasting

Trevor Hill interviews staff from the North Region.

x interviews recorded between 1990 and 1992


Alexandra Palace Television Society Collection

Interviews with staff from the ‘Birthplace of Television.’

interviews recorded between 1950 and 1998


The British Entertainment History Project

The UK’s largest collection of interviews with media professionals.

x interviews recorded between 1987 and 2018
31 Interviews 87 hrs of audio and video content


BBC - World Service Moving Houses Project

The story of the BBC World Service’s move from Bush House in London to New Broadcasting House in 2010.

interviews recorded in 2010.


BBC - Horizon at 50

Interviews created to mark the 50th anniversary of the BBC’s flagship science programme, Horizon.

x interviews recorded between 2014 — 2015.
17 Interviews 10 hrs of video


Sussex - BBC Centenary Collection

In-depth interviews conducted as part of the Connected Histories of the BBC project with significant BBC staff or associates who have changed or broadened the BBC itself.

x interviews recorded from 2017 - 2021




Connected Histories of the BBC

This site brings together material from the BBC Oral History Collection and six BBC and BBC-related Collections including interviews with or about staff and programmes.

Olive Shapley, pioneering radio producer, is talking to Mrs Emerson. They are both standing, hands on hips and smiling in this black and white image.
Olive Shapley (producer) with Mrs Emerson in the colliery village of Craghead, County Durham BBC North region 01/01/1939 © BBC.
Frank Gillard, BBC war correspondent is seated in front of a large BBC microphone, holding some papers.
Frank Gillard in 1945 © BBC.

BBC Oral History Collection

John Snagg, announcer, is pictured at a sporting event, holding a BBC microphone. This is a profile image, and he is wearing a peaked cap.
John Snagg © BBC.

BBC - A History of North Regional Broadcasting

Card image cap
Presenter Elizabeth Cowell in make up room 1936 © BBC.

Alexandra Palace Television Society Oral History Collection

Margaret Dale, correspondent, is standing outside talking to Flemming Flindt. Her arms are raised, and she is looking away from the camera.
Flemming Flindt, dancer, and Margaret Dale, producer, in Studio 4, Television Centre for the ballet 'The Sylphide'.

The British Entertainment History Project

This picture shows the exterior of Bush House in London, with its Corinthian Columns, and statues of Ariel and Prospero.
BBC World Service, Bush House, London, 1960 © BBC.

BBC World Service Moving Houses Project

In this lolcation shot, researchers filmed on location for Horizon.
Location shoot for Horizon © BBC.

Horizon at 50

The Keep
The Keep © University of Sussex.

Sussex-BBC Centenary Collection

CHBBC Interview durations arranged in collections
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